What does eye size refer to?

Eye size is the width of each lens at its widest point across, in millimeters.

What does bridge size refer to?

Bridge size is the distance that the two lenses are apart from one another, in millimeters.

What does temple length refer to?

Temple length is the distance from the temple to the end of the arm, in millimeters.

I currently wear glasses, what’s my size?

There should be some numerical markings on the frame which indicate your sizing. The numbers might be on the temples, on the bridge, on the back of the frame or on the bottom of the frame. If the numbers have worn off, you can use a millimeter ruler to measure the width of the lenses (eye size), the distance between the lenses (bridge size) and the length of the arms (temple length).

I don’t currently wear glasses, what’s my size?

More often than not, the size of an eyeglass frame is determined by the physical size of the person. A smaller person will generally wear a 44/20/140 (eye/bridge/temple) and a larger person 50/24/150-158. When you purchase one of our frames, we can send multiple sizes to help you determine the right fit.

Can I get a any frame in any color, temple style, eye size, etc.? I don’t see a photo example of the combination I want.

Each pair of our glasses is made to order. We offer a wide range of customization, which makes it impossible to provide a photo example of every possible combination. You can find a description with all the available options alongside each frame on the product page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

I live in X city and state, where can I purchase your frames?

Contact us and we’ll try to connect you with a location that sources Shuron frames.

Why are your frames not sold in my area?

Each independent optician and glasses retailer selects their own stock. If you’d like to purchase locally, speak with your shop about carrying our frames. You can also purchase from us directly.

I have my prescription, can you supply lenses?

Yes, we have a fully functioning lab on site and can fulfill any lens request.

What are the prices of lenses?

The pricing of the lenses depends upon your Rx values and what features you would like such as clear, transitions, progressive, etc. Please contact us with your request and we can provide pricing.

Do you accept any insurance plans?

We can supply a paid receipt that is accepted by most insurance plans.

I have a Shuron frame from many, many years ago. Can you tell me when it was made and its value?

Please contact us with photos and we’ll do our best to provide information.

Which is the best way to contact customer service?

Please visit our contact page.

I miss your old site. Can I still use it?

We’ve archived our old site for our long term fans here. Please note, the contact page is no longer functional.